You never want to believe it will happen to you, your community or your department, but since 9/11 we have all come to understand the need for a constant vigil and emergency preparedness.  Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI’s) require immediate and effective response to control the scene and provide maximum aid in the shortest possible period of time.  THOR Tarp’s (3) tarpaulin mat set consisting of (1) each Red, Yellow & Green tarpaulins should be standard equipment for all early responder departments be they fire, police or medical in nature.  Deploying these tarps quickly allows the responders to immediately classify injuries from Critical to Urgent to Minimal Care Needed by color coding the victims and their placement at the scene.  Working then from the “top down” everyone involved is managing the scene from the same playbook and those in the greatest need are served first.  Set aside the necessary budget to add these important tools to your department’s emergency response arsenal.  ThoroShield tarpaulins are fire retardant, oil & chemical resistant, cleanable with soap and water or other vinyl cleaners, and completely waterproof for spill and fluid containment be they chemical or biomedical in nature.

THOR Tarps & are pleased to introduce our new line of Emergency Response Tarpaulins for color coding critical and non-critical issues. We offer these tarps in (2) different grades: Medium Duty ThoroShield 1300 FR - 13 oz/sy fire retardant, oil & chemical resistant, water-proof & cleanable polyester rip-stop tire cord reinforced laminated vinyl & Heavy Duty ThoroShield 1800 FR - 18 oz/sy fire retardant, oil & chemical. These products may be purchased as heat sealed panels (HSP = w/ a raw factory edge) or as Grommetted Tarpaulins (GT = w/ sewn hems & brass grommets @ 2' centers).

These tarps may be purchased individually or in sets of 3 color coded tarps (1 each: red, yellow & green) at a moderate savings.

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Standard Tarp Specs: Type: ThoroShield 1300 FR
Color: Yellow

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